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Antibody Therapy & Testing | Located in SCRMC Old ER

Posted on August 13, 2021

COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibody Therapy

If you have recently been diagnosed with COVID-19, there are treatment options available to you. If you are a patient and have a recent positive COVID diagnosis from a medical facility, call 601-426-4226 to schedule a time.

If you are being tested for COVID-19 or are receiving COVID-19 Therapy Services, please enter through the OLD Emergency Department. This entrance is located off 13th Avenue, across from Jefferson Place. Entry is NOT allowed through the Main Entrance of SCRMC or the current Emergency Department.

Note – Treatment is NOT authorized for patients who are:

  • Hospitalized
  • Require oxygen therapy due to COVID-19
  • On chronic oxygen therapy who require an increase in baseline oxygen flow due to COVID-19

SCRMC is offering a treatment known as monoclonal antibody (MAB) therapy to help patients who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and are at risk of developing a severe case of the illness. Results have shown that this treatment may reduce the need for hospitalization and severe illness. Please note that for this treatment to be impactful, it must be given less than 10 days of developing COVID-19 symptoms.

For complete details and requirements regarding MAB therapy, click here

Antibody Therapy & Testing | Located in SCRMC Old ER

Publicado 13 agosto 2021

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